Applied Tissue Technologies LLC was founded in 2000 with the aim to bring advanced wound healing technologies to patients. Focused on medical innovation driven by science, Applied Tissue is headquartered in the Boston suburb of Newton, MA.

A Global portfolio of Patented treatment methods and proprietary devices enable care givers to heal wounds more efficiently in established economic zones and additionally in undeveloped and developing countries through the use of non-powered and battery powered technologies.

Currently distributed in the Americas is the XPANSION® Micro-AutoGrafting Kit. Xpansion takes an invasive, operating room and general anesthesia dependent autologous split-thickness skin grafting procedure (STSG) with limiting wound coverage potential and enables non-surgeons to perform the same procedure in an outpatient setting with a local anesthetic that allows for up to 100 times expanded coverage of the donor site with a patented, hand-powered, single-use, disposable kit.  Xpansion and its minced grafting procedure enable a true outpatient split-thickness skin graft with a minimal donor site.

The company is focusing it’s research initiatives on advanced wound healing technologies with the continued support of the SBIR and United States Army.  Applied Tissue’s priority is the development and commercialization of a multi-modal negative pressure wound therapy platform technology that will have a major impact in treating traumatic injuries and burns in the war fighter. The technology’s properties will also enable, fast, wide-spread deployment during a large scale civilian casualty event, as well as support the daily treatment of common acute and chronic wounds.

The technology eliminates the wound interface associated with current NPWT technology offerings enabling radical design applications such as chambers that enclose the entire face and head by not having to account for packing the wound with a foam, gauze or other wound interface.