Technology Summary

Applied Tissue Technologies LLC has developed a suite of advanced wound care devices to funtion either individually or as a complete Platform for Wound Care (PFWC).  The platform technology relies on first enclosing wounds in a polyurethane Wound Chamber, thereby gaining complete control of the wound microenvironment (Fig 1.). The controlled wet/moist environment stops injury progression, protects the wound, and allows for immediate topical administration of analgesic, antimicrobial, and antibiotic treatments. This platform serves as an in vivo incubator to support tissue regeneration, restore skin function and deliver bioactive agents, throughout the treatment process.


Figure 1. The PFWC enables the precise topical delivery of therapeutic bioactive agents.

Control of the wound microenvironment is achieved by enclosure using a device attached to the perimeter of the wound with an integral self-adhesive rim. An access port supports the delivery of bioactive agents (antimicrobials, analgesics, antibiotics, debriding agents, scar treatments, etc) and administration of negative pressure wound therapy, as well as the sampling of wound fluid for direct monitoring of the healing process. 

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Applied Tissue Technologies LLC has also developed a technology that simplifies the administration of negative pressure wound therapy “NPWT” by eliminating the traditional methods of dispersing negative pressure throughout the wound.  The foam or gauze traditionally required to disperse the negative pressure throughout the wound is replaced with a single piece dressing where the design is configured for the device to come into direct contact with the wound by utilizing a single layer of material that embodies air channels for even distribution of negative pressure and also serves as the wound dressing. Additionally the inner facing surface of the device which contacts the wound contains structures that exert micromechanical forces throughout the wound-bed to stimulate the formation of granulation tissue.

Applied Tissue was issued USPTO patent number 8,632,523 “Wound Treatment Device Employing Negative Pressure”, which is a component of Applied Tissue’s platform technology and is supported by a family of global patent protections.