Applied Tissue Technologies Announces additional Patent for next generation negative pressure wound therapy device

April 10, 2014

Newton, Massachusetts
Applied Tissue Technologies LLC announces news in advanced wound care with:

An additional patent for simplifying the use of negative pressure wound therapy with a breakthrough design. The new patent is allowed in Australia.

The technology simplifies the administration of negative pressure wound therapy “NPWT” treatment by eliminating the traditional methods for dispersing negative pressure throughout the wound. The design is configured for the device to come into direct contact with the wound by utilizing a single layer of material that embodies air channels for even distribution of negative pressure and also serves as the wound dressing. Additionally the inner facing surface of the device which contacts the wound contains structures that exert micromechanical forces throughout the wound-bed to stimulate the formation of granulation tissue. It should be noted that this device is NOT an irrigation system, rather it is a delivery platform enabling precision and comprehensive treatment of wounds by creating a micro-environment.

For more information on the technology click HERE.