The Wound is enclosed in a flexible, transparent device that is sealed with a built in adhesive rim to healthy skin.

The device is embossed with microstructures creating channels for the even distribution of therapeutic molecules when in the delivery mode and for airflow when negative pressure wound therapy is administered.

The device protects the skin, provides a moist environment and allows for precise delivery of pharmaceuticals in a sustained release mode (1/2 life approximately 24 hours in previous preclinical studies).

NPWT with the PWD employs an embossed, impermeable membrane and an integral adhesive rim that embodies a single piece, easily applied device. The embossed membrane evenly distributes the negative pressure without the requirement of a foam or gauze wound filler to achieve the therapeutic benefits of negative pressure wound therapy.

Xpansion Micro-Autografting Device for Regeneration of Skin produces an autologous split thickness skin graft to heal the wound.