Xpansion MicroAutografting Kit provides Outpatient Split-thickness Skin Grafting utilizing Local Anesthetic. Demonstrated at the SAWC in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 26 thru September 28, 2015, Booth #515

Visit the SteadMed Medical LLC booth #515 at the 2015 fall SAWC in Las Vegas, Nevada for a demonstration of the Xpansion Micro-Autografting Kit.

Xpansion takes an invasive, operating room and general anesthesia dependent autologous split-thickness skin grafting procedure (STSG) with limiting wound coverage potential and enables non-surgeons to perform the same procedure in an outpatient setting with a local anesthetic that allows for up to 100 times expanded coverage of the donor site with a patented, hand-powered, single-use, disposable kit. Xpansion and its minced grafting procedure enable a true outpatient split-thickness skin graft with a minimal donor site.

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